How well will GOAL GAS BIODIESEL work with my engine?

GOAL GAS BIODIESEL has a high cetane number, an indicator of its superior quality. It will give your engine a substantial increase in pickup (power) and torque, whilst lowering engine noise.

Can I switch between normal diesel and GOAL GAS BIODIESEL? 

Yes. GOAL GAS BIODIESEL requires no modifications to current infrastructure, so at any point in time either GOAL GAS BIODIESEL or regular diesel can be used. GOAL GAS BIODIESEL can also be mixed with regular diesel for varying levels of performance.

Compared to other diesels, does GOAL GAS BIODIESEL produce lower emissions?

Yes. GOAL GAS BIODIESEL complies with Euro 6 standards and burns cleaner than petroleum-based fuels, which results in lower emissions of carbon-monoxide, particulate matter and unburned hydrocarbons.

Will it affect my car warranties?

GOAL GAS BIODIESEL will not affect your vehicle's warranty. Vehicle manufacturers provide a set of stringent standards to be followed regarding the type of fuel that may be used in their engines. GOAL GAS BIODIESEL complies and surpasses these standards (HSD EN590 and BIS 1460), making it safe to use in your car.


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