Goal Bio oil Lubricants is Goal Bio Oil brand for manufacturing and marketing various lubricants and specialty products.

A vital part of Goal Bio oil , Goal Lubricants will be India's largest lubricant marketer, which markets more than 150 grades of lubricants, specialties and greases manufactured in state-of-the-art blending plants spread across India. The grades manufactured by Goal Bio oil Lubricants find applications in automotive, industrial, mining and construction, agriculture, fishing, defence and railways among others. HP Lubricants is especially dominant in industrial oils, and has the highest market share in this segment, comprising all industrial oil applications.

Goal Bio oil Lubricants has a robust marketing network that spreads across the country through warehouses, distributors, CFAs and offices with highly qualified sales and technical personnel. These teams and offices make HP Lubricants a dependable brand providing energy and fuelling growth in every significant area of development in India. Innovative R&D and robust quality assurance are a hallmark of Goal Bio oil Lubricants’ processes which ensure development and consistent supply of world-class products to support this growth.

Flagship brands such as Racer for two and three wheelers, Milcy for commercial vehicles (diesel engines), Neosynth for the passenger car segment and Enklo for hydraulic oils among other, make HP Lubricants a leading brand across all segments.

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